People in America who don't speak English.

@stinge (810)
United States
April 7, 2009 12:53pm CST
I must say that I don't have a problem with people who's 1st language isn't english. I know their are many people in this country that don't speak perfect english, or no english at all. I do believe that if you're going to live here, work and make a living, that you should try to learn how to speak the language. I saw this lady doing an exercise at the gym and I went to ask her what that exercise was good for, and she said "I no understand". She pointed to a personal trainer who happened to speak spanish at the time to translate. The thing is you walk into the gym to sign up for a membership, and hope that there is someone there who speaks spanish, or whatever language you speak. This lady comes to the gym almost every other day by herself, except the days she's with her daughters, and doesn't speak english. I had a situation on the train a long time ago. This lady came up to me speaking spanish when I was getting off the train. She was riding the subway and was lost. I had to take her to a train conductor and ask him to help her. I don't get how people ride around the subway and can't read or speak english. I think the same goes for americans that go to live in other countries. They should try to learn the language of the country they are in. I guess it's different if you're in the military. You're kind of forced to go to another part of the world against your will, and it isn't really your choice to be there. like my friend keeps getting sent back and forth to Korea. I would imagine it would be pretty hard trying to learn how to speak Korean, or Chinese. I'm not saying the lady at the gym isn't working on trying to learn english. Maybe she is, maybe she isn't. I guess most people are lucky that there are so many people here in America who happen to speak spanish, or be from a spanish speaking background. I just find it weird that people walk around by themselves and don't speak or understand a word of english.
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@cher913 (25782)
• Canada
7 Apr 09
i live in canada and canada is definitely a melting pot for people such as that. there are new immigrants coming here all the time and i think it is sort of rude that they dont take the time to learn english to be honest.
@stinge (810)
• United States
7 Apr 09
That's the thing about people when they move to another country. They always seem to have a relative around to translate for them. Either that or they usually find other people who speak their language. There's nothing wrong with getting buy, but it would still be wise to learn the language of the country you're going to live in. I look at the lady at my gym. When she's not there with her relatives, she can't communicate with anyone unless they're hispanic. I watched this movie with Adam sandler the other day called "Spanglish". His house keeper had her daughter translating for her, but eventually she told her daughter she needed to learn english. She didn't want to depend on her daughter to translate for her all the time. That's what foreign people need to realize. They won't have the luxury of having someone there to translate everytime.
@May2k8 (18148)
• Indonesia
7 Apr 09
How can people who live in America does not understand English. Although it cannot, should be practiced so often then she can speak. I have read all your words, and you write with straight and very good. I less perfect in English language may be, i learned from you or other person who can. So, before i say ... I used the dictionary to understand a new meaning. Because, in many different languages that will be very difficult if we do not learn and practice. Have you chap fallen, if someone of your friend do not understand what you say. I sometimes annoyed, but annoyed because for what we together want to learn and use words correctly and right.
@urbandekay (18278)
7 Apr 09
Yes, you are right, it would be a fine thing if people in America learnt to speak English all the best urban