Gates Proposes Cuts In Missile Defense Budget.

United States
April 7, 2009 3:04pm CST
By now, we have all heard the proposals by U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates. Some of his palns include: 1. Cutting the Missle Defense Agency by 1.4 billion. 2. Cutting the Second Airborne Laser Prototype and Multiple Kill Vehicle programs. 3. Planned reduction in the number of Navy Carrier Battle Groups. 4. End production of the new F-22 fighter at 187 units. 4. Discontinue development of a follow-on Air Force Bomber. There are some increased budget items, including more Predator Drone production and increased spending on childcare and spousal support. The budget will amount to a ten percent cut in defense spending for the coming fiscal year. As Harvard economist Martin Feldstein recently noted, defense spending is exactly the kind of expenditure that can have an immediate positive impact on the economy. This coincides with President Obama's desire to begin talks with Russia over missle defense and arms control, the pending nuclear armed Tehran and the recent launch of a ballistic missile by North Korea. Not to mention the increasing build-up of China's military and the spread of anti-U.S. sentiment in communist South American Countries. Opinions?
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