Abortion: What's your take?

April 7, 2009 4:23pm CST
As much as we want to enjoy life, there are a lot of people who resort to abortion as a solution to live a single life. I've heard a lot who vowed not to do it, but when hey face the situation themselves, Abortion is their as an answer. Now, what's your take on this?
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@adam1980 (517)
7 Apr 09
i am completely anti abortion and think if it wasnt meant to be you wouldnt have concieved in the first place or would miscarry naturally so do not agree with it at all and most of all i think the limit to the late end of abortions or should i say terminations realy need to be looked at a lot more closely and reduced
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@Absinto (2388)
• Portugal
12 Apr 09
I am against abortion but there are times that it would be necessary. The only reason to me to have an abortion is if the baby could harm the life of the mother and no other reason at all. People also abort because of the conditions that the babies have, if some have serious conditions people tend to abort thinking that that human would suffer in life. Well i have seen plenty of chalenged people thta have happier lives than normal humans.
• United States
8 Apr 09
Against it. There is always another option, I think. WEll, not always. But when it comes to having a child, Somebody should help th mother, JUST to prevent killing it.
• United States
7 Apr 09
I am a person who doesn't believe in abortion but I also realize that there are situations that that is the only thing that a women can do. I absolutely do not believe in abortion as birth control method. I do know there are women that don't use precautions to keep from getting pregnant and when they come up pregnant go and have a abortion. I am set against that kind of abortion one hundred percent. If a womens life is danger because of the fetus I do think that would be a reason for a abortion. If a women is raped she should not have to carry the evidence of her rape by carring a fetus in her womb. So I do believe that there are justafyable reasons for abortion.