How do you educate your children?

i am so sad! - i am so sad.pls give me some help.
@wangkai (798)
April 7, 2009 10:31pm CST
hello every one on the mylot.have you laready got married?have you already had your children?then how do you educate your children?what methods should we adopt to educate children? i have two is girl and the other is boy.they have been fighting all day.what's more,they disobey the parents's instructions at all.for this sake,i often beat and punish them.but they do not correct their mistakes yet.well,i do not know really what is to be done. if you are a successful parents or you have some good methods or ways to educate children.then please tell me of it or give me some advice. thank you sincerely. good lucky to you and your children. Happy Mylot.
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• India
12 Apr 09
Educating children is the most toughest thing in this world. It is tough for each and every parents. It requires lots of pateince. You should need to spend time with your child.
@Gladys22 (416)
• Philippines
8 Apr 09
i remembered the moment my parents what they do for me to educate. i've flasback some they do for educating me as a chil they teach me well and they didn't show their histerical faces.
@paula27661 (15898)
• Australia
8 Apr 09
I am concerned that you say you beat your children. My sentiments are with Hurray and the advice she has offered is excellent. I don't ever hit my daughter. I find that the 'time out' method works very well and so does taking something she treasures away when she misbehaves. Communicating with your children is paramount. Sometimes there are very real reasons for misbehaviour and unless you hear your kids you will not ever know. I do hope you will not find it necessary to beat your children anymore.
@Hurray (64)
• Canada
8 Apr 09
Hello Wangkai. You beat and punish the children? I'm relieved you are looking for some other ways to educate them and to show them you care about them growing to be responsible and respectful adults, having been respected themselves as children. Also, happy children make for more responsible and respectable adults. Go here: Once you know who they are and how they handle children, contact them, being as honest with them as you are here. Tell them and ask them to email you some tips. They do that, free. It is very helpful. If English is too difficult, you can always contact them and ask them to clarify. Please, do not beat the children or even punish them. Show them the right way to do things, telling them, "good girl", "good boy", even if they don't do it perfectly. One day, if you keep that, they will. At some point, after you will have regain their trust, they will be more happy to help you with what you need them to do. Treat others (children included) as you want others to treat you, AND Do no do to others (including children) what you don't want them to do to you. That is a 2 sides rule for living a happier life among our fellowman (including children and women). Just to make sure my point is really getting across: HUMAN RIGHTS were written at the end of the 1940s and were signed by many countries around the world. It does include not to harm children. Dear Wangkai, I want to believe you do not want to beat or punish your children anymore. But you want a to give them a good upbringing. Accept my help. Best to you, Hurray