Is university education a decisive factor for one's success?

April 8, 2009 2:00am CST
University education provides a person with necessary knowledge and skills for furture job. It can help broaden one's horizons and shape one's personality. Further more, the university is like a small society in which students acquire communicative skills. The more education one has, the more likely one will succeed in his career. So, many people believe that a university education is a decisive factor for one's success. Do you agree with this argument?
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@rosdimy (3926)
• Malaysia
9 Apr 09
To a certain extent the answer is yes, but modern history has shown that a few people can become successful without completing or having a university education. Knowledge can be found everywhere, and a person determined to acquire knowledge will pursue it even without enrolling as a student. Let us take one famous figure in the IT industry, W. Gates. He did not complete his education. So did Steve Jobs of Apple. I am sure if you look around in your country you will come to know of people who have never had any formal education, yet is successful in certain areas of life. I can quote at least one example in my country, but you may not be able to relate to him. Nevertheless the value of paper qualifications cannot be denied. Having a degree and some experience gives a person an advantage to enter several fields of life. For example qualified, meaning having the necessary paper qualifications, personnel is a requirement for any company wishing to obtain a government contract. In fact many employers look at the paper qualications a prospective employee can show them. Having completed a university education is an advantage in certain areas such as accounting and engineering. But there are areas where experience counts. For example there are employers who look for experience and creative ideas in choosing new employees. In conclusion a university education can be a decisive factor for one's success, but it is not always true in all situations. all the best, rosdimy
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