My Goldfish any other owners?

Morristown, New Jersey
April 8, 2009 2:12am CST
I have four goldfish in a ten gallon tank. They are getting big! I bought them without knowing too much about goldfish. I have since found out that those little common goldfish you can buy for like 12 cents can live for 15-20 years and get a foot long! I can't believe it. Mine are already growing too big for the tank. I may have to get a bigger tank eventually. They don't have names, but they are all different colors. Does anyone else have goldfish, and where do you keep them, bowl or tank- and what size?
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• United States
24 Apr 09
If they are the common goldfish, they can live 30 to 35 years and can get to be up to 2 foot long. I would try to find someone (unless you have one) that has a pond to put them so that they can grow to their maximum size and life expectancy. Fancy goldfish on the other hand only grow to about 8 inches body length and live to about 10 to 15 years but you should have 20 gallons for the first one and at least 10 gallons for each additional one.After all you want to be a responsible pet owner don't you?
• Philippines
26 Apr 09
I have 10 goldfishes: 8 are gold while 2 are black. I keep them in a ten gallon tank. It was brought to us by our aunt who believes in feng shui or good luck charms. She gave them last year. Now they're getting bigger in just 6 months. i'm very happy that I was able to take good care of them whenever I look at them growing.