Thanks you all! ;)

April 8, 2009 5:08am CST
Thanks for everything! Thanks for sharing the advices, the empathy, and the sorrow with me. Thanks mylot, too! I was hurt painfully because of love. At that time, I was very disappointed so that I write a discussion. That's supprised when there are a lot of people sharing with me their opinions. Now, I feel better. I cannot tell that, I completely get over the pain but I can be stronger. I also thanks to the people who used to hurt my heart. Without them, I wouldn't able to know what is love. Without them, I could never be mature. I thanks to my friends, people always go around with me. Although I never told them my secret, they are always my friends, stay by my side when I need friends. Thanks my parents for always care for me, love me a lot. Thanks the life for giving opportunities to taste the happyness, sadness.
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• China
11 Apr 09
haha~cheer up!
@royjune (10)
• China
8 Apr 09
shall we open our champagne?hah let's congratulate for that you start your sail to true love again. life is the best teacher and the love is your best reward.God bless you!
@Dasari100 (3791)
• Anantapur, India
8 Apr 09
It is really nice to see people like you so you can get advices and empathy, they are so many things to discuss here so better to have communication with each and every user here.