Misers are great when compared to spend thrifts.

@cudamani (996)
April 8, 2009 10:42am CST
Sometimes the misers are great when compared to spend thrifts. A sanskrit poet had observed ' A giver gives to others after reserving something for himself where as a miser does not reserve anything even for himself but leaves all his wealth for the posterity to enjoy'. That is why a miser is great when compared to a giver.
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@ajithlal (14617)
• India
8 Apr 09
I had been a great miser when I was young, but when I was a teenager I was a spendthrift. I used to save money a lot when I was young and used to take pencil points from the waste bucket in our classes and put it in the front of the used sketch pen and use it as pencil. I used to ask old books from the people one class above me so that I don't have to buy new books. I used to go to second hand book shops and used to buy books from there. I used to tear papers not written in the old books and staple it together and would write in it. Most times I don't buy any expensive food and used to eat 2 chappathi and 1 chilly for the afternoon. I also doesn't buy sweets or ask anyone to buy sweets. I never travel by bus and used to walk a lot or cycle in my cycle and used save money of bus. I am now opposite when I have grown up. I think it is always great to be a little miser.
@ajithlal (14617)
• India
12 Apr 09
I also think miser is better than giver and it is necessary to save some money for the future rather than spending unwisely.