Who is to say this is REALITY?

United States
April 8, 2009 11:10am CST
If you think about it can this question be accurately answered. Because you can put ten people beside you and all have a very different idea of the world around them all stemming from early life experiences, adult life and all good and BAD experiences, most take the BAD experience and live off that. So while we may think our 'reality' is very concrete, can you really say this when everyday we are changing and could you imagine how much you would change if given the chance to travel to europe for a month, or have the job you loved--you would become a whole different person I think! You would not see the world the same as you did before. Is this why we have our differences with other countries and hold to our guns so tight. Or with other social classes. People get stuck in playing roles and thats limiting--work 9 to 5 job come home, feed the kids, go to the store and jump in bed, to do it again the next day. We must create our own realities---I cant say that it is anything.
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• Australia
10 Apr 09
Reality, as you suggest, is almost always a subjective experience. My reality is real, to me, yours to you. There are some elements of reality that are universal though, e.g. the realities of the fact that we need clean air, water, and food to live. Whether global warming is a reality or not (and in my reality it is), concern about global warming should be part of everyone's reality, no matter what they believe about its existence. If it is real, then reality will alter significantly for all of us, and our descendants. I could find many more instances, but one will do. Lash