vocal cat.... anyone?

April 8, 2009 12:16pm CST
I got a new kitty in the family. She is probably 3-4 years old and it took a while to get accustomed to my other 2 rascals. Her name is Nakku and she is the most vocal cat I have ever seen. She keeps entire discussions with me all in miauw and funny chirr sounds. does anybody else have a cat that is talking to you and telling you that she wants something?
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@signum (547)
• Australia
11 Apr 09
Ah yes, I know all about this lol. My cat is a chatterbox and loves to talk with my boyfriend and I. Sometimes when we least expect it he will get rather vocal just for some attention. He's always got food and water so it's not whining for food. I love it, and think it's very cute.
@ElicBxn (61039)
• United States
9 Apr 09
My cat, Scamp, is half Siamese and he has an opinion about everything. Sure, he looks like a cute black cat, but he opens his mouth and you would think you had a Siamese in front of you. Oh, and pretty much his opinion about every thing is bad. He's a purring, drooling thing when he's happy, just his voice makes every thing sound angry.
• United States
9 Apr 09
I have one cat that is like that, he is very spoiled so when he wants attention he meows in lots of different ways, he has squeaks, little grunts, wails, and just your general meow. we think its funny because we say he has a whole vocabulary lol. His name is Milo and he is about 5 years old now i think, he sometimes has to keep to himself because he is still very active but my other cats are 10 and 11, they still play but not like he does.
@derry123 (611)
8 Apr 09
sounds like a lovely cat .. lucky you , I used to have one that always chatted , the 2 I have now are very silent but lovely company just the same *