Would you buy a low-cost netbook NOW, or wait until the price gets lower?

United States
April 8, 2009 12:39pm CST
Here's another rant that I got to get out of my system before I completely forget. Yesterday, while I was at Best Buy, as I said before, I was looking for a USB-to-PS/2 port because of the two keys in my netbook that broke off because of the dust, and while I was looking around, I noticed that one netbook was getting even LOWER! Lower than the Acer Aspire One being sold at Wal-Mart for $298 dollars. There was a small Asus M353 netbook on display at the netbook aisle, and although it looked cute, THE PRICE ON IT WAS $100 DOLLARS LOWER THAN THE ACER ASPIRE ONE THAT I ALREADY HAVE! IT NOW COSTS $250 FREAKING DOLLARS!!! Now i'm already regretting spending $350 last year on something that's getting cheaper and cheaper! Now i've learned the hard way of instant gratification. But still, do you guys and gals buy a netbook immediately on impulse early on, or do you wait until the price goes lower and cheaper and inexpensive that you can buy it for less than the earlier, higher price, and why?
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@clickicy (571)
• Indonesia
10 Apr 09
hi, i think i'll wait for lower price before buying a netbook, as the performance is a bit overprice. i think i buy a notebook rather than netbook, a bit expensive - but the performance is great. well this is just a personal opinion. ignore it if you want to.
@reon862 (134)
• United States
9 Apr 09
i might buy one in the next few months, been thinking about getting one for a long time now. I may wait for the next models to come out because i'm not sure if that bit of money will be worth it. Should be interesting when the market really opens up.
@chimrani (1430)
• India
8 Apr 09
Friend i think that this price decline is last because our economy may increase and i think the prices of this gadget may increase.so,i prefer to buy and i advice others to buy this gadgets and laptops now .