What would you say to the President...

@krissy32 (205)
United States
April 8, 2009 12:49pm CST
What would you say to the President of the United States if you had the opportunity to do so, and if you want to, say why? I shall start this off: Why spend a million dollars in an effort to keep the true place of birth from the People? We have to show it to get kids enrolled in school, employer health benefits, sign up for Little League, among the million other reasons that citizens are Required by law to show our birth certificates. Bailouts for big companies are going to help the economy in what way, exactly? Besides putting the American taxpayer in debt for the rest of their days. Should we, the People be able to freeze Congressional and all other Federal employees salaries to commisserate with the average working person's average wage? I think We, the People should be able to do so as the taxpayers are the employers of every person who works at a government job.
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