New Zealand
April 8, 2009 5:28pm CST
Now this is a difficult situation to be in but it can get easier if you let it. I have two step children one is 12 one is 10 one is a brat the other is ok,they are teenagers and can get very naughty when they are here at home every weekend and holidays,so who can discipline them when they are home,especially when it comes to my daughter who is 17 months old. At times they are very good with her,but sometimes they are not,they can be a nusience too her.
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• United States
8 Apr 09
If they live in your household you have every right to discipline them. Especially if they are around a much younger child. I'm not sure what you mean by they can be a nusience to her-hopefully nothing that endangers her physically or mentally. It sounds like they may be jealous. Do you treat her differently because she is your child and they aren't? (I can understand how you would) Ask yourself if you want to be their mother or their stepmother-there is a difference.
• New Zealand
8 Apr 09
Thanks for your responce,yes they are jealous of her,but they are good with her too,it is just one child can get in the way,with alittle abuse here and there,not to harm her in any way,but it would make her cry,so then I step in and protect her,but if I say anything to the step child sometimes it is out of my control,because I am not the parent,but I am the parent of my daughter. I dont treat her any different from my step children,a good question.At times I do. Their father is very good at discipline them the right way,so if things get out of control it goes to the father of the step child who is in difficulty,a smart little brat to put politley. Cheers
• Singapore
8 Apr 09
i got 12 step sister and brother. due to my mother re marriage and my dad too, but we no more contact since I'm very young. and my dad will always ask me and my sister to accept my step mother .