Is Praise and Worship Blasphemy?

April 9, 2009 3:44am CST
For quite some time now, our church (Baptist) has been practicing the praise and worship style of singspiration during our services. This action has caused a kind of commotion and discord among the Fundamental Baptist Churches in our area. Some of the, we can say, traditionalist Christian leaders and pastors have argued that this change in the methods of music in the church is, well, disrespectful to the traditions that we want to uphold for generations to come. My dad is a pastor, and he used to think that way too. "That way" meaning drums were too punk-ish, clapping while singing and raising your arms in the air while worshipping was Charismatic and Baptists weren't supposed to be Charismatic, and so on. But later on, after numerous encounters of praise and worship concerts and conferences, he began to open himself to it, and we started practicing it in church. We have a youth band that plays during fellowships and during some services, but mostly we use tracks from worship CDs coz as of now we can't afford to form a full band--no instruments, and no regular players. Anyway, the thing is that we have been accused of drifting away from what the Bible teaches about worship. That we're being too radical, considering that we're Baptists--Fundamental at that! But the Bible has an account of King David dancing in worship to God, and he used a whole lot of instruments. And worship is expressing what we feel toward God and thanking Him for what He has done and for Who He is in our lives. Personally, i don't see anything wrong about closing your eyes and raising your hands up to heaven while singing your praises to your Father in Heaven. I believe He deserves that. When you're receiving so much love, isn't it just right that love just flows out of you? and you express it in any way you can. So my question goes out to all the other Bible-believing Christians out there. Do you think it is reasonable to say that those who do Praise and Worship in their churches are guilty of blasphemy toward God and the doctrines of the church? Let's discuss this. i know there are a lot of open-minded people out there, not unlike some people i know... HELP!
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@mythociate (16265)
• Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
5 Jun 12
Well, there's a risk. See, you could do all kinds of 'blasphemous' things up there; and it would be fine, so long as you're sure that everyone watching 'holds the Holy Spirit at the front of their mind'---i.e. if you know they know whether-or-not you're blaspheming The true 'blasphemy' is whatever drives one off the mission path. The goal of the mission is 'to lead others to "the Kingdom of God" through Christ.' I know that sometimes it seems that 'following Christ' is leading you away from the Kingdom of God, but that's when you have to trust that your leaders know what they're doing.
• Philippines
15 Jan 12
For me.when you talk about blasphemy, you cursing God, making fun of God's word.When we sing a song of praise we feel it sincerely with open heart, we are not praising a Human,or person we praised our Almighty God. In church they adapted christian music because of its powerful messages.We believe in one God we shouldn't argue about this thing because we only adored God.
• United States
21 May 09
Worship should not be judged on tradition. I love Christian music and our church regularly uses contemporary Christian music. I personally look at praise and worship as another way of lifting up my God. I find it a priviledge to use any song, whether tradtional or contemporary to worship my heavenly father.
@carpenter5 (6786)
• United States
24 Apr 09
I'm the wife a baptist minister. I'm a little confused by all the talk of blasphemy. How can we be blaspheming our Father when many of the praise and worship songs that are being sung are straignt from the word of God? One of my favorite songs that we do in Worship is called The Stand I'll stand with arms wide and heart abandoned In awe of the One who gave it all I'll stand My soul Lord to you Surrender All I have is yours! That's the most beautiful prayer that I've ever heard! No way do I think it's blasphemy!