do you think playing video games decreasing our connection with the world?

April 9, 2009 4:01am CST
i want to know your views on this matter.
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@AdrianCC (11)
• United States
12 May 09
I don't think so, if you play online video games then you are talking with people around the world. But it may make you gain a few pounds if you play videos games all day.
• United States
20 Apr 09
Most of the game trends today are bringing people together more than isolating them. MMORPG, Guitar Hero and its offspring, Wii Fit and other fun-to-watch, team games are allowing people to play with one another and even be involved from the couch without touching a controller. All games come back to the basic idea that more is merrier!
• Philippines
9 Apr 09
Hey there! I think that in a way, it does decrease our connection with the world but in a way, also increases our connection with the world. Nowadays, kids go to the mall playing with their portable gaming devices and lessening their interaction with the people around. This decreases their connection with the world. I observe this a lot when I go out. On the other hand, due to the increase of online multiplayer games, the interaction with people from around the world increases.