will i die or get any medical problems if i ate the food my cat sniffed?

April 9, 2009 6:12am CST
hi friends.i have 2 kitties in my house along with their mom.their mom knows how to be sneaky so not much problem there but the kitties r.if they find anything from ball or glass tumblers or any food item,they go and sniff at them.my mom get really mad because if we eat any food items my kities sniff or taste,we might have some medical problems.some people say that cat's hair when inhaled cause wheezing problems.is it all true?will it cause any problem if i eat anything my cat tasted?
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@waseem86 (138)
• Lithuania
10 Apr 09
if they are very clean and you know what they eat and etc, so that's not so dangerous, better to wash after licking, but don't be paranoid, next time wash it.
@med889 (5952)
9 Apr 09
No you will not die. I am still alive. So I can assure you that youwill not suffer from having tasted or eated a cat's food which it has already tasted. I have had cats at my place for nearly all my parents existence and they are still alive for I know there has been moments when they have tasted or eated that food unknowingly.
@prinzcy (27461)
• Malaysia
9 Apr 09
If just sniffed then there's no problem but I don't think you will die from eating the ones that been licked (unless you have some sort of allergies that you don't know). But you may get sick.
9 Apr 09
That would depend on the cat, the food and your personal immune system. I've never become sick from a cat, in my entire life - and my hands are covered in scratches right now, I stroke cats in the street and so on. I wouldn't eat something a cat had licked, but I'm pretty sure I must have done when I was a little kid, and I'm still alive! Cat poop is definitely dangerous (can cause brain haemmorage, I believe), so you should always wash carefully after handling a cat's litter tray, but apart from that, I don't see any problem. Be careful, but don't be paranoid.