Why people attend to college?Do you think it is necessary?

April 9, 2009 7:45am CST
I think there are many reasons for people to attend college such as increasing knowledge and experience,obtaining more choices and salaries.But there are also many people who don't attend to college become famous,wealthy and learned.Do you think it is necessary to attend to college?
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@mira91 (986)
• Singapore
12 Apr 09
I think it is necessary for someone to go to college. People can get famous and wealthy but if all that stops, who wil have their backs then? If they do go to college and receive an astonishing diploma or degree, whatever...At least they've got something stable going for them that they can actually depend on...The least they'll get is a job relating to their college studies. It's always good to have back ups...^_^
• China
9 Apr 09
I think it is neccessary for people to attend college.From college ,you will get lots of knowledge and other things.this is benefical for you .
• Philippines
9 Apr 09
Hey there! Yes, of course. It is very important. In times like this there is a competition. Competition on different fields. Attaining a degree is an advantage. If graduated from college your chances of getting employed is higher compared to those who didn't went to college. The more likely job that the latter will get would be a blue collar job. Yeah, there are many people who became rich and famous even without attaining any college degree, even high school diploma, because they have the will to push through and pursue what they want. For sure, they wish they did study before. 100% of these people got their success through hard work, literally. Also the situation then, during their time, is different from the present situation. Before there were not much competition. Almost everyone can get a job. But now because of the growing population more and more people are looking for a job to support their family's needs. What's worse is there isn't enough job to offer everyone. Too bad.
@gerald_lian (2191)
• Australia
9 Apr 09
Despite the various reasons that you have put forward regarding why people go to college, I still think that going to college is necessary, especially in this era of knowledge, globalisation and technology. Nowadays, having a decent qualification is the first thing employers look at when considering to hire employees for their organisation. Besides, a college qualification is also necessary for people who want to extend their education into university. It is pretty difficult to go far career-wise without a college qualification these days. I acknowledge that there are people who might struggle financially to even be able to enter into college, but there are scholarships and loans available for such students, although sometimes it can be quite competitive to get them. Anyway, in conclusion, whoever who has the chance to enter into college should just grab the opportunity that comes their way.
@mathss1 (1181)
• United States
9 Apr 09
nope you can stay uneducated
• United States
9 Apr 09
I attend college right now and this is my last year and I'm so excited to be done and getting a good paying job. I attend college because i know i wasn't going to be famous for anything, so i decided to head to college to get a certificate and then get a good paying job around the town i live in. I believe college is important to attend if you want to get a good paying job. If you don't go to college you should try getting your license in a certain career to make better money that way to. There are certain ways of getting around college is your are interested in it.
@NIECIE21 (365)
• United States
9 Apr 09
For some careeres, no I do not thing that it is necssary, however, in todays market, if you dont have a degree of some sort, its almost impossable to be able to get a good job. So, yes, I feel, from personal experience that a college education is very vaulble and necessary