Darwins theory of natural selection

@mhil84 (182)
April 9, 2009 7:10pm CST
Darwin's, theory of natural selection does explain the data very well, but it is not the only possible theory which could explain it. Other possibilities include: 1. Various supernatural creation theories. There are quite a lot of them 2. Jeane Baptiste Lamarck claimed that organisms adapt to their environments and then have the power to pass those changes on to their offspring. 3. The Swedish botanist Karl von Linné proposed the original logical classification system for all living things, but it's unclear (to me anyway), how he thought one thing is related to another. 4. George Louis de Buffon said that living things change through time as a direct result of influences from the environment. 5. Ancient Greeks believed that all living things are created from interactions of four elements. There are may other ideas as well. If you contribute to this discussion, please support your view with references or your personal explanation.
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