Health and safety at work.. what would you do?

@mz_Ira (1091)
April 10, 2009 12:25am CST
I got several questions from one of my friends about health and safety at work. I can hardly answer hahah..How about you? are you aware of the steps you should make during these situations: 1. If she was in the staff room having a snack then suddenly she noticed a smoke rising from the back of the toaster. What would be the steps you should take if you were in her situation? 2. For instance you work a local shop. Its Sunday and you have several customers when a fire breaks out near the front door.An elderly customer begins to panic and screams. What steps should you do? People sometimes forget the health and safety steps especially the one's working in that premises where fire or any accidents happen.. Like me, I honestly do not know what to do in those kind situations, I might just freak out..
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@Opal26 (17683)
• United States
10 Apr 09
Hey mz_Ira! I don't know what to tell you either! But, I sure do think that you should know the best emergency procedures if you are working somewhere and there is an emergency! What is the escape route if the front of the store is in flames? You do need to know an alternate route! And you need to be able to calm the customers down first instead of you freaking out to! What good is that going to do? Someone must be the calm one! Or you will all burn to a crisp!
• United States
10 Apr 09
freaking out wouldn't do any good. lol.if i saw the toaster smoking i would go unplug it. if a fire broke out i would try to get everybody out the back or side door whatever they had. if there was a fire extinguisher there i would get another employee to use it while i was getting the people out. did i do good? is everybody safe?
@kun2349 (23381)
• Singapore
10 Apr 09
haha =D Like u say, health and safety, means making sure that nobody is hurt during the process.. As long as u can prevent any casualties, it will be good, and even better if nothing is damaged in the process.. lol =D For boss might not be thinking the same way as u are ^_^ For the first question, switch off the power of the toaster immediately and pull it out from the plug.. AFter which, open all windows or doors in the room, so that the black smoke can be disperse.. AFter that, DO not use that toaster anymore, throw it away immediately and get technicians to check on the socket before using again.. For 2nd question, it depends if u have a back door.. If there's one, by all means, use that to escape.. And at the same time, be calm even though there are always ple whom are scared or nervous.. For that, u need to bring them out first and soon after that, try to put out the fire if it's a small one.. Always have fire extinguishers in the shop too ^_^ And also call the fire department when the fire becomes too fire to control by u ^_^