Do you like the business trip?How many days can you accept for business trip?

April 10, 2009 1:48am CST
Tomorrow I will go to HK for 3 days business trip.I don't like business trip very much,it is very tired.But this time it only takes three days so I think it is ok. We take part in the China Sourcing Fair this time,wish we can get good result. What do you think of business trip? How many days can you accept for business trip?
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@fwangaa (3057)
• China
2 May 09
i don't always have a trip. when i just went to my job. my leader often let me to take a business in near city. about several days. i don't like that. it is very tired. but sometimes i want to take a business trip. i want to change another envirmonent. maybe good for my experiece.
@lazeebee (5461)
• Malaysia
11 Apr 09
Hi Susie, the longest business trip I've had was about 8 days - I had to go to our head office in US. I found that it made a difference whom you are traveling with. We were in a group, and got along with each other very well, so it was fun, though I started missing my home by the end of the 6th day. !
• China
10 Apr 09
I agree,like me ,I havn't experienced a business trip.But I can image that too many business trips make us tied .As I have a dream of wonderful career,I will like business travel .
• United States
10 Apr 09
I very much enjoy travel, so having a company pay me to go to another country would be enjoyable to me. I have the advantage of no kids or wife at home, so I would not have a problem with feeling homesick. From a business perspective, a visitor from afar is often greeted with much respect. This can give the company representative the image of being very professional and dedicated. The host company often feels obligated to treat the representative from another country with top priority, so they are diligent in making the representative feel comfortable and welcome.
• Philippines
10 Apr 09
A big yes for business trip i think it is fun having to different places with pay, not all employee experience a business trip, after all business trip take only few days. why not enjoy your business trips.