who is your favorite DOta hero

April 10, 2009 12:15pm CST
I really like Sven"Rouge Knight" this hero is really cool ... i really like pudge too^^
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• United States
24 Dec 10
My favorite heroes when I used to play dota were Shadow Fiend, Juggernaut, and Queen of Pain. They were all good heroes who were also fun to play.
• Philippines
13 Dec 10
Phantom Assasin, instant kill and instant GODLIKE!!
@surpriz3 (77)
21 Nov 10
Shadow fiend for the win best solo hero ever farming fast super strong damage spells and requires big skill to be played best hero ever :)
• Indonesia
15 Nov 10
i like sillybear because it can combine 2 items sangeyasha and cranium.....
• Malaysia
3 Jun 09
I like demon witch. This hero is a good disabler, can stun and voodoo plus high damage ultimate skill. Another hero i like to use is Tradex. She is good in slowing enemy.