My Best friend

@isawu2 (97)
April 10, 2009 2:30pm CST
If your a girl who is your best friend a girl or a guy? Well, when I was young I never really had a best friend because I was so scared to tell anybody anything because my dad drank a bit to much. When I was in my teens I followed in his footsteps and by 20 ended up in treatment that is where I met my best friend and it was a guy. Even though we were "just friends" he was the only one I never felt weird about sharing everything about my life with. Even though he didn't know it and neither did I really he was my best friend. He always was my shoulder to lean on when things were good and one to cry on when things were bad. He my critic when I was screwing up royally. He thought when I got married I was making a mistake and he refused to come to my wedding. He was right it was a terrible mistake. Well time was the test we stayed friends all though my troubled marriage and my divorce. Then our "just friends" turned into lets take out relationship "one day at a Time" and see what happens. Well then we were going together, moving in together and then had a baby together. Well after 17.5 years together we decided to make it official and now we are coming up on our first year anniversary. He was always my best friend and still is today. So who is your best friend?
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@marciascott (25553)
• United States
11 Apr 09
My best friend lives in California we have been friends for more thsn 40 yrs, now that is a friend for you. I can call her anytime of night or day. My husband is my best friend too, but sometimes I don't know about this because he is sercretive with me, and I don't like it.