What will you do when there's new cat in your house?

April 10, 2009 6:13pm CST
How many cats do you have? I have four cats right now in our house. The 2 cats i know are ours but this one cat i just seen him in our yard months ago. He was playing with my other cats so we just let him in our yard. From that on he never left, he feels like he also belong. i was wondering maybe he was also a son of the mother cat which just grow up outside the house. Coz my mother hate when the mother cats always has kitten coz the cat bring them inside the house. So my mother throw those kittens away. Then just these pass few days there is another big cat again but not so big. I dont know what do cats talked to each other. Its like he invited that new cat here. How bout you what do you do when there is a cat in your yard which you think want to be part of your family. ^_^
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@ElicBxn (61192)
• United States
11 Apr 09
its been a long time since an outside cat tried to move in on us, probably because the inside cats intimidate them.... oh, and the inside cats don't go out....
@kassdaw (592)
• United States
10 Apr 09
If there was a new cat or any cat in general I would call the humane society and tell them it was agressive and have it put done, there are enough cats in the world. We need to kill a few.