Would you rather be the lover or the beloved?

April 11, 2009 2:42am CST
Carson McCullers' the Ballad of the Sad Cafe is said to reflect the cycle of a lover and the beloved. This is a tale of unrequited love of the characters f the story which had a tragic ending . However, it proved how love can change a person, either as a lover or the one beloved. Do share your insights or experiences.
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@mira91 (987)
• Singapore
11 Apr 09
Both i'd say. I would be both a lover to my beloeved and a beloved of my lover. Love is wanting to be loved and needing to love so for me, it goes both ways ^_^ For some poeple, theyd prefered to be the beloved because they enjoy being loved perhaps? =] Well ,just my opinion though...Take care, and happy mylotting. ^_^
• Philippines
11 Apr 09
i agree, love is wanting to be loved and needing to love, however, there are instances when a person loves someone who doesn't love him in return. as in McCullers' ballad, a third person completed the cycle of unrequited love. one of the many paradox of love, i suppose...^^
@roboid (205)
• Romania
11 Apr 09
It is hardto say you are a belover or a beloved. You have to give love in orderto receive it. This is a natural law. It is true you can be the beloved and don't love, but there it isn't love anymore. Itis just an obsession.