April 11, 2009 4:35am CST
My heart is in turmoil My mind in chaos I have become restless I seek to understand But I'm suppose to trust. In the pit of my soul Lies a chest covered in black I fear for it's light And so I bury it deep yonder. Warm tears reminds me Of the chest deep within I wipe it away And go on with my day. I must forget its existence To protect myself I vow never again To love and be vulnerable.
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@1hopefulman (45719)
• Canada
13 Apr 09
There are many fish in the sea. If it didn't work out this time, give up on the guy, not on love. Experience makes one wiser.
11 Apr 09
Hi Sheena, By just writing this poem down, its a way of a healing process, you have suffered heartache like we have all gone through in life, that is part of growing and learning but never close your heart, you will meet the right person some day, you must love again but you will learn how to protect yourself too. Hugs. Tamara
@mira91 (986)
• Singapore
11 Apr 09
Aww...you poor thing...You must have been so heartbroken to have written such a sad poem...:'( Don't..Don't forget its existence, for it has done nothing wrong. Its only sin was to love and to love unconditionally. Stand tall and strong like you have now, a tall order, and vow instead to be fearless in love. I hope you will not give up all the hope you have left on something so sweet.. Be well friend, take care..
@flowerday (322)
• Singapore
11 Apr 09
I dont know why, but i seems to fully understand how are you feeling now because that seems like how am i feeling now too.. and I know "Its gonna hurt when it heals too.." "But i am gona smile because i deserve to"