i use to get tickled a lot....

April 11, 2009 8:13am CST
growing up in the house me and my family grew up in was not always fun! i had a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep at night. it was haunted, and me and my siblings are very open to spirits. but as a child, it can be terrifying! and of course your parents ALWAYS say 'you had a bad dream, go back to sleep'! GRRR some of my experiences; like the title here, being tickled. either as i was falling asleep, or being woken up by 'someone' tickling me. my dad use to tickle my back when i was young, and one night i woke up to someone doing it to me. i couldn't MOVE! i was frozen, and definately not laughing lol. to this DAY i still ask my dad if it was him. but why would he come in in the middle of the night and start tickling my back? lol hearing footsteps. that was very scary to me. when i was an older teen and no one else was home, if i went to bed early i'd often hear someone walking around in the living room, which was right next to my bedroom. the floors creaked. i HATED hearing that! hearing breathing. if i was having a bath, alone in the house, i would from time to time hear something/someone breathing heavily outside the bathroom door.. again i'm ALONE IN THE HOUSE! i never actually saw ghosts, my sis can, but i think i closed that part of me off because i wouldn't be able to handle it. as i got older, things would still happen but i was able to turn it on/off easier. when i was maybe 23 i moved into a HUGE old farm house, BY MYSELF lol, and had a REAL hard time for the first month or two. every night when i'd try to go to bed, i'd hear a man coughing and hacking out in the hallway next to my bedroom, and pacing..the floors creaked there too so i could hear every footstep, back n forth back n forth. the coughing always woke me up. one day, i yelled out 'PLEASE! GO AWAY! I CANNOT SLEEP WITH YOU AROUND!' and it eventually stopped. i HAD to get a roommate though because i was starting to go crazy lol, that helped keep my fear at bay! i'd love to hear anyone else's ghost stories!!!!!!!!!
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@heathcliff (1415)
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26 May 09
I have always been around paranormal events, but your experiences are exceptional. It sounds like you had some ghosts "attached" to you when you were younger and it opened you to sensing others. At least it seems they are leaving you alone when requested. I used to just hear ghosts but got an excellent view of one a few years ago that really made me believe. It is an eerie thrill for me, but I've never been threatened by one either.