how far is reality from dream?has your dream come true?

April 11, 2009 12:50pm CST
do you have remember the dreams you have dreamed?what is the reason for your dream?how far is the reality from the dream?has your dream come true?
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• China
2 Jun 10
This is a series of good question about dream. I usually have a dream recently, not only in night, if i have a sleep in afternoon, i also i have a dream, but all my dream recently is nightmare. I think the reason or rootcause of dream is we usually and always think the same thing repeatdly in day time, furthermore, we can't get a clear conclusion of our confusion. For example,somebody become a lovelorn guy recently, there is no doubts that have to thind his girlfriend, this lead to he dream his GF in night. Day thinking, Night dreaming. this is a simple explanation of our dream. This is a response from Tianjin China.
• China
13 Apr 10
Many cases ,i think that there is a very long distance between dream and reality.When i was very young,i have many beautiful dreams and hope they will be come true one day.But many dreams become farther and farther.Some times,i believe that only you persist,you will make your dream come true,but it's very hard .Although this ,i will also insist on my dream and try my best to make it be true.Only you do it ,you will not be regret,never do,the dreams will never be the reality.
• Canada
11 Apr 09
In this world we are observers. We are also observers when we dream. In reality and in our dreams we observe the same thing, and this is why it is possible for your dreams to come true. Even if your dream does not make any sense to you or appear to have any further meaning, you are still observing something that relates to your life while you are wide awake. The only difference is your state of mind at the time, so it's very easy to misunderstand the dreams you've had and even easier to not be able to connect the dots. I hope this is the type of dream you were talking about, lol. Happy myLotting!