Favorite Class in an MMORPG?

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April 11, 2009 1:58pm CST
Many MMORPGs offer a variety of classes, the most typical being a mage, ranger, warrior, and a cleric of some sort. Of course, some other games offer different classes, and some games offer specialized classes such as an Elementor or a Psykeeper. So post what your favorite class is in a specific game, and/or what your ideal class is that you have not yet found. If your class is a general class, such as a healer, then there's no real need to post the game. It may also help to put a brief description of the class so others know exactly what it does. My favorite class from a game is the Ringmaster from Flyff, which I have a level 68 RM on the Glaphan server. A Ringmaster is like a cleric, where they provide various heals and buffs to strengthen their allies. My ideal class, however, is a debuffer, one that, rather than supporting their allies, weakens their foes. For example, while a "priest" may have a buff that adds 100 attack power to an ally, a debuffer would have a debuff that subtracts 100 attack power from an enemy. When combined with a priest or cleric-type character in a party, the results can truly be devastating. ^^ Sadly, I haven't found a game that has a debuffer as a major class. If you know of any, please let me know. ;)
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12 Apr 09
I always have difficult time choosing which class to be. I always end up switching between warrior and ranger. Depending on what I want to do more at the time.
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16 Jul 09
Rangers can be fun occasionally, depending on the MMO. I think there was only one time where I played a warrior and I actually enjoyed it. I personally am not one who enjoys using the same combat style over and over, even though every class can get monotonous at some point.
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8 Jul 11
My favourite is always the Druid/Hunter, Guy with the bow, i just like to play as one of them don't really know why, but second best would be warrior/Dps.It is just tons of fun to dish maximum dmg at opponents :)
@rykar450 (14)
• United States
28 Aug 10
In almost all games i play i have to make either a Paladin or a Cleric. i think it is just because clerics are usually so essential in most games. i also have to like paladins because they are a mix between a fighter and a cleric except better. i have never really played any games that have a "de-buffer" but i think that would be a good role to play as. Does anyone know any good games that have this as a major class?
@kylina (178)
31 Jul 10
I usually tend to move between warrior and ranger mostly because I either want to be a knight or assassin of some sort (coughRagnarokcough) it's only recently that I've decided to actually make an effort and create a cleric type character - in Grand Fantasia (the sprites are so cute! *squee*). I find that I usually don't have the patience required to level up what I see as physically weak classes so maybe that's why I usually lean towards warriors or archers. What I wish for though, is a character that is a combination between warrior and mages! I know it's highly unlikely but one can hope. *goes off daydreaming about wizard knights*
@soulist (2986)
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9 Oct 09
In all the mmorpgs that I have played I love the healer class, mainly a druid like in WoW or EQ. I am actually trying to find a game that I would like, but nothing jumps out at me too much anymore. I am tempted to go back to WoW or EQ but then I gotta pay the monthly fee which I don't like doing. We'll see.
@sniff188 (24)
• Canada
22 May 09
I'd like a class that would allow you to do spells that play with yours and other peoples stats.