Cash or Credit Card?

@mchavez11 (1406)
April 11, 2009 10:38pm CST
I love shopping! Who doesn't? First and foremost, buying stuff that you like makes your day brighter. Plus, if you're in a bad mood, you simply go and take a stroll down a mall and end up buying a thing that makes it ease your pain. So, its kinda like a drug, or may I say a legal drug addiction. But of course, you need money to do this activity. Some people use cash but some use plastic money which we all know as credit cards. What about you? Which would you rather choose? Given you have lots of money and a huge credit limit? Will you use your card or cash?
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@fasyahime (634)
• Malaysia
14 Apr 09
for real store i usually use cash and debit card,while for online store i have no option except to use credit card..but it is prepaid credit card..i had to reload the money then i can use the,it's depend to what kind of store i gone to shop..but,personally i love both and credit card..because i do not owe anybody..i just pay them full..huhu
@prinzcy (22653)
• Malaysia
12 Apr 09
I prefer to use cash. I don't have credit card, just debit card and it only use in emergency situation like I'm out of cash at the moment. I am just not interested in using any credit card.
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@ahslack (486)
• Singapore
12 Apr 09
For me i would rather use cash than credit card.Because using cash give us a rough idea of how much we can spend and we won't overspend that limit.While using credit card don't give you a idea of how much you can spend and without knowing it,you may be overspending and at the end of the month,you may not have enough money to pay for the credit card bills and thus create more troubles for you.So using cash is better than using credit card in my opinion.Happy MyLotting :D
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• Canada
25 Sep 09
I have a pre-paid credit card. The bank gave me a master card with it's own account, and I pay the card off by putting money in the account before i use it, thus I am not spending anyone else's money, and I am not going to be hit with a big bill. Also, i get airmiles for using the card, so that's an extra bonus. I get all the benefits of a credit card, without the bill.