Cigarette Smoking Pros and Cons..Your Thoughts?

@razor123 (979)
April 12, 2009 8:31am CST
Most smokers know that smoking is bad for your health, but people tend to forget that smoking has some positive sides as well. Lets take a look at the cigarette smoking pros and cons. First the Pros: * Most cigarette smokers feel they have a strong bonding with other smokers. It is easy to get together and talk while you smoke. * Smoking gives the smoker a sense of gratification. * The nicotine in the cigarette gives the smoker a good relaxing feeling. This has proven to be very good against stress. * Holding the cigarette gives the smoker a feel of comfort and keeps the mind busy. Now to the Cons and They are a Lot More: * Smoking leaves a really bad smell in your clothes, car, hair, mouth and in your home. * Your lunges will slowly get worse and your condition will follow * Most smokers tend to get an annoying cough during day and night * The nicotine can make you feel sick or dizzy if you get too much or too little * You will slowly get a yellow tone on your skin, fingernails and teeth * You will run out of energy faster and your motivation will go down * You might loose the sense of smell and taste (partly or totally) * Your cigarette can start a fire if you fall asleep or forget it somewhere * You are costing yourself a fortune just to keep smoking every day * In worse case you might end up with cancer and die from long-term smoking So What are your thoughts about this?
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@hxstar (510)
• China
13 Apr 09
Well,I am not a smoker.I do agree that smoking has some positive sides.But I tend not to smoke because many of its benefits can be replaced by other things while they are more healthy.I just view smoking a personal custom and don't care it so much.If anyone smoke beside me,I will go to other places or ask him to stop smoking or go somewhere else where somking is allowed.
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@russvy (22)
• Philippines
13 Apr 09
Some says when you smoke you are famous but for me, yes you are famous but how about your health?people are always wants to be famous even if they sacrifice their own self. Im not in favor in smoking because the only thing that you can get in that is LUNG CANCER, also you will have really bad breath and that is turn off am i right? There are a lot of ways to become famous especially to girls, just be yourself.
@Absinto (2388)
• Portugal
12 Apr 09
I know that smoking is bad for your health but in a way it does help people with the stress and nerves. I personally know the risks but i continue to smoke because i know how it makes me feel good and that is something rare in my life right now.
@dmrone (750)
• United States
12 Apr 09
I am a smoker. I have smoked for quite some time. In time i do hope to quit, but i think it is up to the individual whether they will quit or not, even knowing the cons. I have to agree with that it i very good against stress.
@ar_vin (35)
• Philippines
12 Apr 09
Wow, good points. Now, given these cons.. how can I persuade my loved ones to stop (or just tone down on) smoking?