i think my laptop's volume is too low

@garmac (57)
April 12, 2009 11:20am CST
i have an Acer Aspire 7520 and i think the volume through the speakers are quite low. i am quite satisfied with everything else thats it has to offer even the 17in widescreen, though i don't take it along with me much. i love to listen to music and watch movies and at times i can hardly hear what is coming from the speakers. now i have bought a usb tv box (not even sure of the brand but it uses Intervideo WinDVR software) but the volume on that is not active i still hear the TV programs though (hardly). is there any way i can get the volume on my laptop up and can i get it working in my tv program...\\
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• Philippines
22 Apr 09
Hey there! I also have an Acer Aspire but it's a 5xxx. I also have the same issue with my laptop. The volume is too low when I watch stuff or listen to music through the built-in speakers. I would usually attach speakers or earphones to the laptop when watching so that the sound is amplified. I don't think there's a way to make the volume on the laptop louder
@garmac (57)
• Jamaica
22 Apr 09
thanx for ur comment. i used to used to listen through my hi-fi stereo but that got damaged so am left with just the laptop speakers
@kodigo (171)
• Philippines
14 Apr 09
there is a possibility that the maximum output wattage of your speakers is low. maybe from the laptops specifications itself. If that is the case. You may consider looking for alternative audio sources like headphones or external speakers. just my 2 cents
@mira91 (985)
• Singapore
13 Apr 09
Have you set the highest maximum volume under the volume mixer? Or maybe it's just the lappy that's having their max volume at that volume? I say this because i own an acer too and i too think that the volueme is too low even when i set the volume to maximum...=\ how bout contacting their personnel? That always works for me... ^_^