What would have u done if u were a parent of a very mischievous kid ?

April 12, 2009 12:00pm CST
I had my dinner outside tonight and there i saw a little kid (he wasn't a baby...) who was very mischievous. I didn't mind though, i feel kids should be mischievous or they are boring. He was throwing the spoons here and there and once he even carried his plate to the other table. His mom was really very helpless. All she could manage to tell him that he wouldn't get any ice cream if he continued. What would have you done if you would have been his parent. Please comment...
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• India
12 Apr 09
depends u know.....mischief is never a problem..if u really understand what mischief is...consequences of mischief are a big set of problems if not properly controlled
@eztuner (451)
• United States
12 Apr 09
As a parent I believe there is a place for everything, a kid most have as much fun as he can "but" in the right place, and the table is not the place for misbehave. I have only one child, now she is 24, and I feel happy on how she has turned and the most important is "She" feels happy with whom she is. Manners matter, I've always made that clear to my child and nephews. If teaching a kid to behave is hard, try to teach an "adult".
@eshaan (6193)
• India
12 Apr 09
i am kind of disciplined mom and i dont like too much of misbehaviour even if they are children doing it...i have taught my children to behave though sometimes i have to keep saying them or giving them warnings but still i cant imagine children going so much out of limit. I feel that its ok at home, but outside, other people get disturbed and we should take care of it.