Real Happiness

April 12, 2009 2:20pm CST
I sometimes hear ny friends telling me that they are not happy. I too sometimes feel that I m not too much happy. But what does the true happiness actually mean? Is it something appear unknowingly or unexpectedly from somewhere? Or is it to be accomplished to be so? Whereas we feel happy with many things when we are succesful in doing something, helping somebody, sootheing somebody's hurt and etc according to one's instinct. But is it a word' happiness' generalised? I feel it is comparasion of the our mental satisfaction of past and present.What I feel is-the true happiness is to be cultivated and can not be expected itself to come. So be happy in the most despairing situations also; bcoz we might deserve it. So, the happiness can not be counted. We can be happy with all we perform otherwise we can not be happy whatever be the great achievment. What is your comment?
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16 Apr 09
Happiness is the state of the mind .It differs with each individual.for a child happiness is derived by getting toys of his choice ,for a teenager it is got by going out for amovie ,for a mother it is when her offspring obtains a good position ,for a grand mother happiness flows when her grand child gets married and so on and so forth.Happiness can be achieved by uplifting the downtrodden ,by helping the needy and the poor.Happiness is within oneself .When you are contented with what you have surely you will be at the pinnacle of happiness.Thus happiness is absolutely obtaine from within oneself .
• Philippines
13 Apr 09
I'm still trying to figure out what is real happiness for me...