What would you do?

@Absinto (2394)
April 12, 2009 3:48pm CST
Imagine this. You used to live in the states until you were 9, then you move to the azores. The diferences from America to Azores are: America: Have to be 16 to take driver's license, need to be over 21 to drink and smoke, more violence, more rapes, more atractive sites, more jobs and better tecnology. Azores: Have to be 18 to take driver's license, have to be 18 to smoke and 16 to drink, less violence, less rapes, there are atractive sites, less jobs, most of the normal tecnology and it is islands. Now knowing all this if someone asked you if you would go back to america what would be your answer? Would you go back? Where can you have a better life?
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@Jim32097 (16)
• United States
12 Apr 09
It really depends on what you want out of life. Even in the US there are huge differences between different areas. My parents live in Vidalia, GA. There is very little violent crime there but they can't get high speed internet through cable or phone company. Obviously in New York City you have access to any technology and more jobs but you give up space, privacy, and a little safety. Define your priorities safety or opportunity and let that guide your decision.
@Absinto (2394)
• Portugal
12 Apr 09
You are right but what if you could get both? There might not be alot of opportunity but there is a little.
@CJscott (4182)
• Canada
12 Apr 09
I just read that the Azores provides a better life. I would not go back, where do I sign up? I don't live in the States, I live in Canada. But still, sign me up, sounds great, less crime, more time to learn responsibility before being let loose on the public, Again, where do I sign up?