Do you shop all things at same place or move from place to place checking cost?

April 13, 2009 5:36am CST
Do you shop all your things at the same place or move from shop to shop and buy where it is offered at cheap cost. I mean do you have patience checking out cost and moving from one shop to other or buy all the things at one shop even if it is at a bit higher price.
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@zzyw87 (1259)
• Philippines
27 Oct 09
When it comes to shopping, I have all the patience in the world. Shopping is my hobby. That is why I don't feel the time passing away when I am shopping. I can shop for eight hours or so. I am the type of person who shop slowly and thoroughly. That is why I like shopping alone. I only bring a maxmimum of one friend when I shop. I usually do this, look around first then come back to the store with the lowest price.
• Philippines
5 Jul 09
I move around when I go shopping.I don't stay in one place.I look around stores for interesting finds.I move around to see prices of stuff I want to helps to have a wider's actually fun moving around.I find it boring sticking in one shopping place.
• India
14 Apr 09
First I check cost of the product everywhere then finally I buy only if i feel i am satisfied and I am getiing my worth as well. Sometime i already know right price for stuff so I don't go everywhere just i bargain for my product.
• United States
13 Apr 09
I buy things on clearance and on sale racks only because that is how i save money. When buying birthday presents i know to shop on clearance and sale racks and the people I'm giving gifts to really don't mind and will either use what i bought or wear the clothing i might have bought. I usually go to one store here to do a lot of shopping because i know i can find something for everyone there and the prices are usually always good and i don't have to shop around for the best price. If i go to walmart i know i don't need to be going anywhere else looking at prices since there's is always the best.
@fasyahime (634)
• Malaysia
13 Apr 09
i will definitely move place to place to check cost..i want to have the best and cheapest value for my purchase especially if the item that i had eyes on, i can get in better price..