Which camera do you sugest for taking pictures in newspaper?

@med889 (5954)
April 13, 2009 6:42am CST
I have a camera 4 mega piixels but when I take photograph in newspaper it is not good. I want a camera just for taking pics in newspaper please can you sugest me one?
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• Australia
13 Apr 09
Do you that a newspaper regularly publishes you pictures? Or are you talking about a newsletter? Anyway, the way that the paper is printed, the quality of the paper and the size the picture will be printed at influence the choice of camera. You already have enough megapixels, although 4Mp is very little for current cameras, unless you are using a cell phone camera. In an ordinary camera, A 4Mp sensor can print up to 10x8 with good quality; more than enough for newsprint. Typically this would be scanned and printed on coarse paper using a press. Newsletters are more likely to use laser or even inkjet printers, but would not be set up to optimise a photograph. Professional news photographers would want a full-frame DSLR; many use standard DSLR cameras which are lighter, faster and a fraction of the cost.
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@med889 (5954)
27 Apr 09
Hey thanks Davidarich. I will surely look for that. I take pictures from the newspapers for research purposes so I need a good one.
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• Philippines
28 Apr 09
Or you may try to use a DSLR such as Canon 50D... or any DSLR... I have a best friend who uses a Canon 50D and 450D... he also publishes his travel photography articles in newspaper... Honestly, it is the photographer who makes the pictures look great not the camera.
@tammytwo (4302)
• United States
28 Apr 09
I worked for our local newspaper for nearly two years and I use the Nikon D50. It seems to take good pictures. Just be sure to edit your photos appropriately. You need something like Photoshop to lighten and darken the images as needed. Although I use a nice camera I still edit the photos in Photoshop. Sometimes it is the printer that makes the photos look not so good. If you have someone working the press that doesn't really know what they are doing the photos won't turn out well.