@megh4u (372)
Alpharetta, Georgia
April 13, 2009 9:35am CST
I have recently join and I have earned some money in it, and now I am getting confused when I have checked my account.......I saw two options one is advitiser balance and your rental balance....I don't know about thses and I want to know what is it.......I accidently transfer some amount to "your rental balance account." so can any body tell me how can I get it back....and how can I withdraw from this site....
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• India
13 Apr 09
hey thats is the way for earning ok which balance u have transferred now u will not get back that cash but u can purchase or rent referrals from that amount and in fact u can upgrade also so my opinion is that now u rent some referrals and then when u have sufficient funds then u cashout.... no minimum is genuine one so no second thought about it...!!
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@ajithlal (14614)
• India
15 Apr 09
Hello megh.. I have not done nomincashout and I am not sure about the details of it. I will certainly will post positive information, if I get information about the site. I hope it is a good site and has good earnings.