It's always not fair in life

April 13, 2009 10:15am CST
I don't want to be depressed,but this matter hurts me. I planned to find a parttime job in campus,so I had an interview with some employers.During the interview,I tried my best to answer the questions and showed my sincerity.Everything seemed to be right,I just told myself that I would not be regret if I was not hired,cause I had done my best. The result didn't come up to the expections,I was not chosen,but my classmate,who went to interview with me, was fortunate.Anyway,I still congratulated him. But I have been upset after I learned the truth I was told by him,The other female employees all have acquaintances among the employees.So they only did need to hire male in the interview.The reason why he was hired is that he is a male. It's not fair for other applicants.Now that they decided to just hire a male,they should have claimed it clear,not hold it for show. All the employees are senior,but they made a bad model for our junior.Why was not the campus simpler than the society?I really hate this unfair phenomena.
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@mira91 (985)
• Singapore
13 Apr 09
Hey i'm sorry you did not get the job but i guess that's just how things work in this world...I know it's unfair..I have had such a bad working experience once and my mum would always say it's like that in the working industry...Like your title says, it's not fair n life...I think everyone hates this phenomena as well..=\ but too bad that that is just how things work...
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@yunzhige (311)
• China
13 Apr 09
Hi,Icicle113!~ I come accross the same thing some years ago.I think nobody especially female like this unfair phenomena!~But I do believe this unfair phenomena will last for long time,but it won't last forever!~~So the only thing we can do is try our best to get more chance and knowledge.It's only my opinion,I hope you will enjoy it!~ Happy mylotting!!!~~Best wishes for you!~
@Hatley (163802)
• Garden Grove, California
29 Jun 12
icicle where on earth did you get the idea life is always fair? Life is what we make of it and as there are all sorts of people on the earth theres bound to be discriminations and wrong thingw.we are all to do the best we can and decide to be as good as we can be. so be part of the solution and not partof the p roblem.your hiring place was not honest, they should have been honest up front and stated they needed a male emp loyee.