baby's new style

April 13, 2009 4:21pm CST
hi all! our baby has developed a new style during feeding time--one that is not very nice and can be very stressful for both parent and child. we give her mixed feeding--the milk that i pump and formula milk. this is because my breastmilk is not enough for her needs and if i don't pump it, i am not sure if she is getting enough, or how much she is getting. but during the day though, i get her to latch to my breasts so that she can suckle and of course, this is our closest bonding moment. anyway, the behavior that she has been doing lately is that whenever she is fed, she fights with her bottle. i am not sure why she does this. she cries because she is hungry and sucks on her hand. then when she is given the bottle, she keeps quiet for like five seconds then begins to squirm, mumble, flail her arms then sometimes she would hit her bottle so hard that this flies away. because of this, she gets a lot of gas. we really wonder why she does this, she used to nurse so quietly, as if there is no child in the room. by the way, she is now 1 month old. so we really pray that she will nurse peacefully, because it is best for her and of course, less stressful for us. please do care to share your baby feeding experiences. i will truly appreciate learning if there are other parents who experienced this and how they handled it. thank you all and God bless you! happy mylotting!
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