my breasts are sore!

April 13, 2009 6:18pm CST
uggggh.... my breasts are really sore...they are tingly. i have to wear a bra even at night when i go to sleep because i could not stand the feel of bare breasts on my shirt. well, this is really from too much stimulation--baby's suckling and my manual pumping as well. the things that a mother will do for her child. i did not breastfeed her overnight in the hopes that i will get some rest for my breast and they will feel better. but in the early morning hours, my breasts have become heavy with milk and so i have to pump. i pump my milk in order to know how much i have because there is not much to go around really. hehe oh well, thankfully, baby is only a month old now and has no teeth to bite my nipples off. uggg...well, so far, i have not heard of anybody's nipples being bitten off by the baby. so far...hehe take care all and God bless you! happy mylotting!:D
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@Shar19 (8236)
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13 Apr 09
Oh yes, I remember going through the same thing with my kids. I remember mine being sore and kind of itchy. Maybe you should try the special lotion they have for that. I forget what it is called though. You may be uncomfortable now but just remember, it's all worth it for your precious little one. Hang in there.