Life speeds along like a roller coaster

April 13, 2009 9:03pm CST
Yesterday,I was still upset because of the unfair treatment to me.But something change today.The reason for it is that the new parttime job I have had just now. My spirit has been risen up at once after I signed a contact with the employer. But now it's hard to explain my feeling.The initial excitement is decreasing gradually.I begin to calm dowm.As for me,life speeds along like a roller coaster,it goes whoosh up and goes whoosh down,then goes whoosh up again.I can only suppose that life is complicated,not simple.It's not possible that everything is going well with u.If it is possible,the life won't be called life. Anyway,I just want to say,don't give up at any time.Please remember God will open another window for u after he closes one.
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@mira91 (985)
• Singapore
14 Apr 09
Yea, life don't always go as you planned, that's what i always say...^_^ When one door closes, another opens true..Congratulations to you for finally getting that part time job you wanted..I guess such things as being accepted and employed could always give you that confidence boost...Thanks for the encouraging post, i shall bear it in mind whenever i get turned down for a job post..(which usually happens to me...ohwells) lol..^_^
@clorissa123 (4926)
• United States
14 Apr 09
Life is much complicated than a part - time with all the excitements in lifetime. I am upset and have no choice sometimes. I want to do whatever I want too, but it won't be that easy. So, take it easy.