do you believe in DEVIL'S BIBLE?

@mnr367 (65)
April 14, 2009 4:30am CST
Do you know anything about devils bilble. There is a book named DEVILS BIBLE which belived to be written by satan itself. There is also rumours that its not written by satan itself but by monk with the help of satan . when you see the book you will feel there is something special about this book. photos and description of devils bible can bee seen in the link do you actually belive in this type of book which is said to be written by satan itsef?
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@syankee525 (6292)
• United States
14 Apr 09
i had met this dude who was into devil worshipping. and he claim there was such a book. and they used i guess a copy of it to worship. so i asked him to bring to work so i could check it out. he claimed if i wasn't into things like that he couldn't, and he would burst into flames. of course i just laughed at him and told him see the holy bible is the best. anyone can read it, belive or not. but it wouldnt surpise me at all, anything is possible in this world
14 Apr 09
This so called "Devils Bible" is in fact just a medieval illustrated bible with an interesting story attatched to it as described in the article. Nothing diabolic about it at all.
@amibotea (168)
• Romania
6 Dec 09
Do you have some information about it. I need for my english atestat. Thanks
@jwfarrimond (4474)
14 Apr 09
An interesting fable. But that's all the story of the books writing is - a fable told to entertain credulous people of whom it seems there are quite a few here on MyLot.
@Theresaaiza (10527)
• Australia
14 Apr 09
Hi mnr, a friend also told me this was featured at National Geographic channel. But since our TV isn't cable, I wasn't able to watch it. It sounds really scary. I believe that devil exists. And I know that everything he does won't bring us any good. Whatever this bible contains could pollute our spirit so I'd rather stay away from it. I encounter evil things every day and every second of my life. I commit sins even when I am asleep so I guess reading it's bible would only make my sinning worse.