Do you breastfeed your newborn baby?

@kaka135 (14105)
April 14, 2009 11:40am CST
I have been breastfeeding my newborn baby for about 7 weeks until now. I hope I can continue do this without mixing with the formula milk as long as I can, hopefully I can breastfeed him until he is two years old. But, I am going to send him back to my hometown and let my mother-in-law take care of him during the weekdays, so I am not sure if she can really co-operate with my plan for breastfeeding. I realize that the people I know in the older generation, my mother and mother-in-law did not breastfeed, hence they may not understand the advantages and symptoms of babies for breastfeeding. They always like to compare between drinking formula milk, perhaps they think it's easier to prepare formula milk for babies. Do you or did you breastfeed your newborn baby? How long have you breastfeed the baby?
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@dragon54u (31632)
• United States
15 Apr 09
I nursed my two boys for about two months and then my milk wasn't enough for them. I ate properly and took vitamins but apparently I couldn't provide them what they needed. My mother had the same problem and myself and my siblings are just fine and rarely get sick. My boys are healthy and also rarely get sick. Why are you separating from him during the weekdays? This is the time he needs you the most, the first year is when they form attachments that will never be broken! The first two years are critical. Do you have to work? Will you see him at all during the week?
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@kaka135 (14105)
• Malaysia
12 Oct 09
Hi there, thanks for your response. It's difficult to be separated from the baby, especially for the mother. This is the better solution that we can think of, and think it's better for the baby. Yes, I'm working in a big city, where I do not wish my baby to be grown up here. Also, I do not trust the nursery or baby sitter, I prefer my mother-in-law taking care of the baby, so he'll be filled with love with the family. I go back to my hometown every weekend, so I still get to see him two days in a week. Sometimes, if my parents have some free time, they will bring my baby to where I'm working, and stay with me for a few weeks. I am really grateful that my baby still recognizes me and needs me though I am not with him all the time. He's really a great and understanding child.
• India
15 Apr 09
Hello my friend kaka135 Ji, You are great. Hats-off to your mother-hood. It is surprising to note that you are going away from your family traditions, where your mother and MOMIL, made Formule milk. In my case, I fed my children at laest 3 yrs or so long it was available. Now-days ladies do not feed, because of many factors, including one to remain in presentable shape. But you are curegeous. Go ahead, as long as you can feed your sonny. May god bless you and have a great time.