2 friends love same girl ......what would you suggest

April 14, 2009 2:12pm CST
We might have seen this situation a lot of times in real life or in movies. if 2 friends love same girl should they turn into enemies and try the same girl or should any one sacrifice the girl for the sake of friendship or is it best to forget their love and live happily as friends.what will be your solution oy your advice if you are in the situation
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@abanerji (1026)
• India
14 Apr 09
well, if two friends love the same girl then the girl must be allowed to take decission. after all the girl also has some feeling. she is not confused and she loves one of the two boys. if she is married to the one whom she does not love then she would not be happy. and when the girl is not happy then neither of the boys would be happy. ultimately one has to see the happiness of the person whom one loves. so i think in this situation the girl must be allowed to take the decission and the boy who fails in getting the girl must not repent because his love is happy in life.
@HelScream (2823)
• Philippines
14 Apr 09
Well all would depend on the girl, who the girls wants and the other should give way if he is a real friend and just let his friend be. He would still be his friend coz it's not the basis of friendship to give up on who you love just to make your friend feel at ease. Real friend is happy where the other is happy that is how it should be. Acceptance my be difficult at first but things will be easier in the end.....Just got to give it some time.
• United States
14 Apr 09
The best thing to do- if you care about the friendship- is for both to just let it go. I mean, if boy #1 gets her, even if boy #2 "is okay with it", it will always be awkward because #1 knows #2 is hurt when said girl is brought up in conversation.. or they all go out.. i mean, its inevitable. no matter who gets her and under what circumstances, if both guys like her, one is going to be hurt watching her be with the person who is supposed to be looking out for you.