Partiality shown by parents to girl child

April 14, 2009 9:58pm CST
Hi, This might be a normal discussion for people in western world.But,I hope people in asian countries would understand the feelings behind the discussion.I have noted in news papers and the media that killing of girl child has increased after recession.This includes the well educated society. Why dont people understand that they are born in this world because of a woman.. I just feel bad about the moms being a woman ready to kill a girl child.The recognition for woman in the society is better now.They do jobs equal to man.When everything is equal,why showing partiallity to a girl child?
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• India
20 Apr 09
I am not sure if this has increased due to recession…I don’t think so, at least not in India. Here it has always been a right of society to kill girl children for various reasons…recession never had to do anything with it.
@happy2009 (330)
• China
15 Apr 09
I'm a chinese lady ,In our country ,there's a statistics that there are more boys than girls at present,and the boy children is increased more quickly year by year,this is not a good thing ,though the old generations like boys,if the sexes is no more balanced, how can the word peaceful and steady developed? now I had a son two years ago ,and all of my university friends who has had child ,are all boys ,but I had say that we never intent to make the child to be a boy .but the thing is that most of young couple around us has boy child and few girl,that make me a little anxious.and I made a joke to one of a pregnant friend that if she has a girl do be award her to my daughter-in-low ,lol