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@xayuk69 (267)
April 15, 2009 5:50am CST
I have recently become a member of pickjack and I have only made a few cents.My problem is that everyday I log in I find my balance decreasing,I relly do not know why this is happening?Does anybody use pickjack and have the same problem?
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• India
15 Apr 09
actually in that site if you become inactive your balance gets reduced it happens many times but the most important pint is that the site pays you it pays very less but it pays i have been paid 3 times uptill now and i hope to use the site more and more till it becomes a scam and it happens my balance have been reduced many times.
@lethalboy (112)
• India
15 Apr 09
Ya Pick Jack Decreases your balance if you stay inactive my balance over there was 1$ but when i went on vacation for 10days when i returned it was 0.11$ in myopinion they should not do that as the users feel cheated of their hard work but it's their wish and i think they will continue this system of Decreasing the balance due to inactivity
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@tuni902 (483)
• India
18 Apr 09
Maximum member of Pickjack have to face this Problem, Even i too have faced it lot of time, In pickjack the balance get deducted because you are not actively participating in it, Its the only cause why your earning is Deducted, but you still have the way to stop it, just the thing you have to do is start being participating in pickjack actively, the more answer you respond correctly and more the Question you submit, will ultimately help you to earn more in Pickjack. So now onwards start doing your participation in pickjack actively and see your earning increasing upto your expectation.
@venmarz13 (735)
• Indonesia
15 Apr 09
yes.its not rare happen..its because of you are not active.it happen to me too.im not active member.so if you want get it not decrease and always increase so be active meber.answer it minimal one a day..