Are you curious about mylot stars?

April 15, 2009 6:10am CST
Ok I am curious about mylot stars... I just got my pink star with a number six on it. I have seen that seven is a white star, 8 is a yellow star, 9 is a red star and 10 is a blue star. What are the other colours and numbers? What is your colour? Are you aiming to change rating and or improve it? For blue star owners... How do we get to the blue star?
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@owlwings (43996)
• Cambridge, England
15 Apr 09 The star represents how other users rate your discussions and responses. While your user rating (the number in brackets) is relatively low, you may see your star fluctuate as you create discussions and respond. The star rating represents the percentage of votes you have received so if you post a lot the number may drop temporarily until people have had a chance to rate your responses. If you have a large number of posts, each rating hardly affects the percentage at all. You can hover the cursor over your star to see the actual percentage figure.
• Malta
15 Apr 09
Thanks a lot. That is a very detailed reply. I also looked at the faq but there is nothing explaining the colours and the stars... but I saw further down that someone else gave me a full description of all the other stars...
@jheLaichie (4438)
• Philippines
22 Apr 09
i really dont know how i get my blue 10 star... but im glad i did get it... still dont know what it means... but i see one of your friends here replied about it... and thanks to him... that enlightens me... thanks friend
@ajit25 (1008)
• India
15 Apr 09
I am at yellow start with number 8, i am also curious to get into next level for that i have to create a good reputation or popularity in mylot, i know that positive rating also affect our reputations. So i am trying to make quality discussions while reaming most of time active in participating discussions which interest me.
• India
15 Apr 09
i have got a yellow color star that has 8 written on it. i m not worried about my star number , i just care for the no of post . i haven't got a star rating 9 but if i get so i would be very happy to get so . also stars do not affect our income so there is nothing to worry about.
@born1989 (177)
• India
15 Apr 09
hey i m very new to this. i don't have much idea about it.but shall surely look upto increase my rating. for the time being i have no rating as such.