you know happiness..

April 15, 2009 6:17am CST
plz tell me what is happiness?i have all those things which is nessary to live life comfortable.but i am not happy why i dont know....
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• India
2 Aug 10
Happiness is some thing that what we have but not what we get.We should be happy with the thing that we have and scarify our self to be of and we should not aim for high that won't be possible but most of time it will be ours dreams.If you are not happy may be you are having aim upon some thing that others may have or may be you were not enough to handle yourself or you won't satisfy with your living standard that you have right now.
• United States
15 Apr 09
Happiness is a state of mind such as fulfillment, satisfaction or joy. I think.. People wrongly consider their desires as real happiness. The more you desire, the more you get bound with it & hence causes misery or unhappiness. Therefore, it is said that desires/wants are ever lasting & never ending. Our mind wonders behind lot of unnecessary things,leaving behind what we exactly need. Its because we actually dont know what we need to be happy in life. We think that if we get a good education, we'll be happy.This desire get vanished when we desire for a good job & then so on....Desires never makes us happy. our saints says, Real Happiness is Realization God. Only this desire get fulfilled without any percent of unhappiness.