Movie Gives You New Way Of Thinking

April 15, 2009 9:04am CST
Is yo also feel that music gives you new way of thinking or you think that movies is just a time pass activity. But in my opinion if you enjoy any quality entertainment even in time pass activity then it is great for you to learn new things. Sometimes person start his new action plan after watching new movie only. Movie gives us new approach towards any thing. It is not only activity but sometimes it is great learning experience as well. So share here your opinion about any type of movie which affects your life or which provides you new way of living life.
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• China
15 Apr 09
I really agree with your opinion ! To begin with I think film can be an escape in our life ,life is full of grief and dilemma ,a movie can be see as a passtime . Moreover I tend to believe a film can been also regarded as a window into a host of knowledge and culture ,it can come to our rescure by helping to build communities with things we are not gamiliar ,and the story we can not experience by ourself during our lifetime ! From a film ,we are a viewer and a learner ,absolutely! I can say it is film that compress the process we understand something ,and transform the way we learn something ! Thanks the film ,our life is filled up with lot of colours ,strenth and encourage spring from you ! My beloved film is "when the happiness knock the door ",this film give me a deep rooted belief that background ,education ,misforturn ,and nothing can hold back a person who has a spirited heart by telling a touched and diligent life !
• United States
16 Apr 09
The movies that make me think is any of the "LEFT BEHIND" movies I have still not had a chance to see FIREPROOF yet but I do so want to. Plus no mater how old he is Kirk Cameron is still good looking.
• India
16 Apr 09
If script of any movie is good then ultimately performance of actors in this movie is also very good.