What's the worst nightmare you ever had?

@Bionicman (3964)
Czech Republic
April 15, 2009 6:57pm CST
Here's mine: I was sitting on a bad talking to my sister when I saw Samara (from movie The Ring)walking in the background. She passed down the hallway a few times and didn't pay any attention to us. My sister didn't noticed her and I totally lost my ability to speak. Then she suddenly turned and started to walk towards me. I wanted to run but I couldn't move at all. She climbed on the bed and leaned over me. Her face started to collapse slowly and was all liquid like. She opened her mouth wide and disintegrated into a water falling down on me. And I woke up right into a sleep paralysis. It was pretty terrifying haha
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• Philippines
17 Apr 09
wow that's so scary! hahahaha! Anyway, my worst nightmare is when I know I'm sleeping and want to wake up but couldn't. I've had pretty gruesome dreams before about headless people but it wasn't really scary for me just weird.
@Bionicman (3964)
• Czech Republic
17 Apr 09
Yeah I hate that feeling too. I like lucid dreams but they always end up scary somehow.
@ctrymuziklvr (11059)
• United States
16 Apr 09
I would be terrified if I saw her too! OMG!!! I seldom have nightmares or actually even remember my dreams. That sounds like a horrifying one you had!